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Bosch Packaging Services revamps thermoforming line for Emser pastilles

Date: August 18, 2014

Even the most durable packaging machine will need spare parts sooner or later. But what is to be done if the necessary electronic components are no longer available? Equipment manufacturers are required to regularly inform their customers about available technologies and modification opportunities to prevent machine downtime and production loss — as was the case for the TLT 1400 thermoforming machine of Siemens, which was equipped with new servo motors, servo controllers and a new control system by Bosch Packaging Services in only half the anticipated time.

Siemens uses a Bosch packaging line consisting of a KWE 3000 checkweigher

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3 Reasons to Use Mobile Technology in Manufacturing

Author: Luigi De Bernardini and Corrado Castagna

Date: 18 August, 2014

Mobiles devices are no longer just a consumer gadget. Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming indispensable tools in production environments.

Luigi De Bernardini

Corrado Castagna

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10, July,2014

Mr.N.Rengarajan is an Electrical and Electronics Engineer with Masters degree in Business Administration, from Henley University of London. He has versatile experience in the field of Industrial Automation for the past 25 years, and is currently employed with US MNC, Emerson Industrial Automation for the past 2 years taking care of Drives and Motors Technology for Indian operation.


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Mr.Ramnath S Mani

As the GPRS cellular technology moves from 2G to 3G and now 4G for the wireless mobile Market and faster and secure WiFi networks are taking over, the market forces are driving away the conventional mobile phones and devices and replacing it with Smart Phones which are capable of doing multiple and complex functions. These devices, mostly owned by individuals, are now finding a new usage in the corporate and industrial environment.

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