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Create a Secure,
Reliable Control System

In today's data-rich, network-connected business world, security and stability are more important than ever. That's why we built Ignition upon industrial-grade security technology with a solid, unified architecture and built-in redundancy.

Ignition has been running control systems for almost 10 years, proving itself to be more secure and more reliable than traditional HMI / SCADA software.










Ignition is platform-independent, which means it won't be affected by OS specific patches and service packs that can result in security gaps.

Unified Architecture: No hassles with OS patches or service packs

Redundancy: Never lose data if hardware fails

Rapid System Restoration: Get up and running quickly after a hardware crash

Rigorously Tested: Our testing team puts every Ignition release through rigorous tests to ensure the best experience possible

Secure SSL Technology

The security of your data is vitally important. To keep it safe, Ignition uses the same ultra-secure SSL technology that banks use to encrypt the communication channels your data passes through.

Encryption: Safeguard all data communication channels

Modern Protocols: Seamlessly integrate Ignition with your existing security strategy








Ignition has built-in auditing, which allows administrators to easily see who did what on the system and when they did it.

System Insight: See who, when, where, and what is happening on your system

Fast Resolution: Quickly find out the root cause of any leak








Client Authentication

Ignition projects can use advanced role-based authentication, and can integrate seamlessly with corporate network security using Microsoft Active Directory™.

Assign User Roles: Grant access to system areas for different users

Manage Users: Turn access on and off with a click of the mouse

Microsoft Active Directory™: Easily integrate with your existing