Industry 4.0/IioT Overview

The Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way manufacturers think about business. Manufacturing companies are looking at efficiency improvement using the Power of Internet and other technologies of Data Collection, Data Conversion, Big Data, Communication, Data Analytics and Cloud, manufacturing. Automation Excellence brings to you the 'Ignition' Platform from Inductive Automation which is a comprehensive platform for SCADA, MES and IioT. Using Ignition Platform Automation Excellence addresses the Industry 4.0 and IioT market for Smart Manufacturing. The Smart Factories of the future will have


Automation Excellence provides to the manufacturing industry a powerful combination of Industrial Automation and Information Solutions with over 150 man years of experience working with industry. Whether it is a Continuous Manufacturing plant or a Discrete Manufacturing unit, Automation Excellence has customized solutions for all applications, from conventional Automation products and solutions involving, Drives, PLC's DCS to Web Based SCADA, MES, and IioT Solutions

Client challenges

Implementing IOT solutions for Manufacturing comes with several challenges such as designing right IOT edge sensors & gateway devices, standard protocol stacks, mobile and cloud technologies and many more. More over collecting sensor data in real time and taking actions by analyzing the value of sensor data are also crucial for the customers. With many Legacy devices and systems already working in existing manufacturing plants, Automation Excellence has the indepth knowledge of Automation and Information Systems and the industry domain experience to help you to address these challenges on designing edge sensors, gate way devices, mobile and cloud technologies.

Services we offer

Our service offerings covers key Industry 4.0 constituents starting from product ideation, product engineering, industrial design, mobility & cloud software development and certification

Industry Verticals

We cover range of verticals with turn-key IOT Solutions on cloud by translating the client's business requirements into specific IOT solution comprising of edge sensors, gateway devices, application business Logic, data visualization (Dashboard), data Storage, collaboration and security. Our mobile and cloud application development experience value adds the customer to quickly implement their IOT solutions.