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MES Modules

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) software is used to supervise and track work on a plant floor. Ignition MES Modules offer vertical software solutions built on the power of the Ignition platform.




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OEE Downtime Module
Calculating overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using automated software is most effective when combined with downtime tracking. The OEE downtime module combines both OEE calculations and downtime tracking to give operations managers a robust software package that measures efficiency and insight into how to boost OEE.
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SPC Module
Ensure that statistical process control (SPC) data is accurately collected on time, every time by using the powerful features of the Ignition SPC Module. This SPC software will help you reduce or eliminate late or missing sample collection, inaccurate sample data and other issues leading to quality problems. Deliver your SPC data in real-time to the right people in a comprehensive format using the flexible control charts and analysis tools.
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Instrument Interface Module
The Ignition Instrument Interface Module will let you capture raw textual data from instrument type devices via serial, text files, OPC devices and more, and enable you to parse out the meaningful values that can be used in Ignition, saved to databases or passed along to other systems.
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Recipe / Changeover Module
Extend your Ignition software platform to expertly build, manage and monitor recipes with the Ignition Recipe / Changeover Module. This powerful module is ideal for quickly and accurately changing machine, process or system recipes.
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Track and Trace Module
Track & Trace is an MES module for Ignition, the powerful, award-winning, HMI, SCADA and MES software from Inductive Automation. The Track & Trace Module is seamlessly integrated with Ignition SCADA to ensure accurate information. It also works seamlessly with the other Ignition MES modules, which are built to help your enterprise align with the ISA-95 international model for integrating enterprise and control systems.
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