Why Cloud?

MES solves some of the toughest challenges in today's regulated manufacturing environment:

• Up-front project costsl
• Long-term TCO
• Supporting resources







Extending visibility to the supply chain

42Q is a full featured MES solution. But unlike traditional systems 42Q is also able to be used outside of your plant floor – extending to suppliers and CMs.

Why Public Cloud?

Public cloud: the vendor is responsible for uptime & availability, upgrades, server infrastructure & inter-server connectivity, change controls, application customizations, software patches and any debugging that might be necessary.

Private cloud: the end user is responsible for every one of the considerations listed above – even if particular functions are outsourced. Even in the case of debugging, customer-side issues must be ruled out first before the vendor environment is considered, effectively putting SLA burdens on your business.

42Q uses a unique, proprietary multitenant architecture that keeps your information secure. And your most sensitive information stays on premise, not in the cloud.


The value of cloud-based MOM/MES

42Q is the only fully-featured, public cloud-Based MES system available today – and this unique architecture brings unprecedented value to manufacturers:

• Rapid implementation: ~6-8 weeks
• Modular, scalable platform for phased projects
• Flexible, subscription-based pricing – scalable In real time, with no capital budgeting
• Reduce or eliminate on-premise IT support
• No software or hardware installation costs